Back-End Software Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Back-End Software Engineer

Blissbook is seeking a Back-End Software Engineer to help build, maintain, and scale our existing and future SaaS platforms.

Who We Are

Blissbook’s mission is to enable creativity and allow people to express themselves, particularly in situations where it’s difficult to do so.

This mission has driven us to create Blissbook, a content management system for employee handbooks and top-down communication (policies, SOPs, etc.). With Blissbook, customers can express themselves, be creative, and represent their brand & culture AND do what they need to do to protect their company.

For more, read our about page or Employee Flight Manual. We strive to live our PEACH-E values in all we do: Plucky, Empathetic, Authentic, Curious, Huggable, Exceptional.

Who You Are

The ideal candidate is someone who can jump into an existing node.js codebase and start contributing right away. You should believe in our mission & market and align with our values. You want to work with other smart people on fun, challenging problems. You’re an action-oriented self-starter who can achieve specific goals with little to no supervision. As our first full-time, non-CTO engineering employee, you can turn user stories into working code independently, but also work well within a team led by the CTO.


  • Have a history of shipping elegant, user-friendly back-end software for web and desktop/laptop users

  • Can communicate clearly & efficiently.

  • Are enthusiastic about working in a small team or startup environment.

  • Consider software development to be a profession, not just a hobby.

  • Can troubleshoot problems on your own, but know how and when to ask for help.

  • Have references who will tell us (A) what a treat it is to work with you and (B) how great your engineering skills are.

You should have some understanding of our current tech stack:

  • Relational databases; preferably MySQL

  • Node.js web frameworks; preferably Express

  • Client-Server APIs; preferably GraphQL

  • Strongly typed languages; preferably Typescript

  • Javascript testing frameworks; preferably Jest or Mocha

  • Cloud infrastructure environments; preferably AWS

Experience scaling an early stage startup is a big plus.

What You’ll Do

Your day-to-day work will center around maintaining and extending Blissbook. Your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Build and maintain a reliable, secure, and efficient SaaS application server
  • Collaborate with the founders to bring new features and services into production
  • Proactively meet standards for web application security (e.g. OWASP Top Ten)
  • Participate in code reviews and maintain standards throughout the SDLC process
  • Develop and automate software test procedures
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs
  • Deliver a delightful experience to our customers

Example Tasks:

  • Build an integration to sync employees from a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to a MySQL database

  • Implement GraphQL endpoints that enable privileged users to create multiple language variants of a document using Objection.js and MySQL.

  • Extend an existing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system to add more granular controls to a document, which requires refactoring existing application code, modifying GraphQL endpoints and a MySQL schema migration.

What You’ll Get

You’ll be one of our earliest full-time employees, working directly with 2 founders who can design and build exceptional software and user experiences at a rapid pace. You’ll get:

  • A results-oriented work environment and the tools you need to work successfully. Remote work is the default.

  • A competitive salary plus incentive-based compensation.

  • Unlimited future growth opportunities at an early stage, self-funded startup.

  • Regular performance reviews to make sure things are working out for everyone.

  • The opportunity to work with driven, motivated, fun, PEACH-E people.

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